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Web Applications

Always available everywhere

With the increasing importance of mobile devices and the browser as a universal runtime environment, classic desktop applications are increasingly being replaced by web applications. The application is no longer dependent on specific manufacturers and end devices.


The end user usually sees only one possible interface of the web application. The same application can also have a desktop interface, a console access, an interface for mobile devices or a web service interface. We offer both the development of the application and all the interfaces mentioned here.

The integration of the application to be developed into existing infrastructures, such as databases, directories, identity management or enterprise information systems (such as SAP, Oracle, etc.), is also part of our repertoire.

Advantages of a web application

  • No restrictions due to the use of the browser
  • Network-compatible by definition right from the start
  • Can be used anywhere a classic desktop application is also used
  • Web applications are maintained centrally and not by the user

Web application in deployment scenarios


We offer you an all-round package from analysis to development and operation of your web application.

  • Research

    It usually starts with an analysis of your business processes and data. Existing processes - whether digital or analogue - are recorded and formalised. The goal is a complete capture of all data and processes. This is the basis for the next step, the conception of a solution.

  • Concept

    Based on the analysis, a solution can now be designed. Here, in cooperation with the customer, a solution model is created that optimally fulfils the problem. The technical and organisational boundary conditions also flow into the consideration.

  • Development

    In this step, the abstract concept is converted into software. Our team adapts the development model to your requirements. This ranges from the classic waterfall model to agile methods.

  • Porting

    We also offer the porting of ageing software products into a modern contemporary architecture that meets current requirements.

  • Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring

    At the latest when the software development is completed, the question arises as to how the software is to be operated in the long term. In order to ensure smooth operation, we are also happy to take over the operation, maintenance and mounting of the software, either in full or in part, at your premises or at ours in the cloud.

  • Support and training

    We support you with software introductions, plan the rollout, advise you and offer training for future users.

Case study 1:
Seminar management for
Globus Fachmärkte GmbH

Globus Baumarkt Logo

For Globus Fachmärkte GmbH, we developed a seminar management system for the internal training of employees. The seminar administration is designed as a web application and replaces an outdated standard software.

Seminarverwaltung für Globus Fachmarkt

We realised great improvements in the area of user experience, so that the web application was quickly adapted by the employees and is gladly used.

The range of functions has also been increased and now enables staff to work more productively with the software.

Case study 2:
ILIAS LMS User Import for
IME Seminars

Logo Institut für Management-Entwicklung

The example of the implementation of a user import for IME seminars shows that it does not always have to be a full-blown corporate application.

Screenshot IME

Here, users can import their data from an Excel spreadsheet directly into the learning platform by dragging and dropping via the SOAP interface. The users are assigned a suitable role. This eliminates the manual and time-consuming entry of users into the LMS.


We will be happy to advise you and help you develop a customised solution.