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Consulting and Coaching

We support you with your digitisation project

We provide technical and conceptual support for all tasks of digital online learning, up to the complete set-up of a virtual educational academy.


"We want to enable everyone to impart their knowledge professionally on the web."

Professionell means...

  • Methodically and didactically appropriate
  • Technically reliable and open to the future


Today many business or work processes benefit from supporting software.

Minervis offers support in setting up and expanding online teaching projects, such as e-learning, blended learning and web seminars for organisations and lecturers:

  1. Finding the right programmes for individual and organisation-specific needs.

  2. Adapting or developing the right software

This is particularly successful with a socio-technical perspective on the processes to be designed.

Requirement analysis - What do I need?

We help you to assess your starting position and your options for building your online activities.

  • Economical

    • What are the added values for your organisation and for specific target groups?
    • Which services are purchased, rented or provided by yourself?
    • What costs can be saved?
  • Technical

    • What hardware and software is available?
    • What do you need for the 1st expansion stage?
    • What do you need for further expansion stages?
  • Methodical-didactical

    • Which target group(s) do you want to address?
    • Which teaching/learning scenarios should be possible?
    • How do you prepare learning materials? Which ones do you buy?
    • What forms of learning support do you want to offer?
  • Organizational

    • Which staff can take on which tasks in line with the current field of work?
    • Is staff training necessary for this?
    • Which services are provided externally?

With this consultation we help you to find potentials to improve your teaching/learning quality. Possible cost and effort reductions are explained at the same time.