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Educational Media

Finding the right medium for every requirement

Web-based online learning media as product explanations for traders, salespersons and customers or for your own training and further education as stand-alone teaching videos, online learning modules or for blended learning formats.

Digital learning media are special communication tools for conveying digital learning content. The conceptual framework of the learning media is based on learning psychology, pedagogical and methodological-didactical principles. When selecting the learning media, we will be happy to help you choose the most suitable forms of communication for your project.

Competence building

We help if you want to produce yourself. Together we take care of building up competence so that you can implement your ideas simply and effectively. In simple steps, we guide you from conception to selection and implementation with suitable software. Co-productions are also possible; we are happy to take on more complex components such as animations or simulations. A cost- and effort-saving production, by using existing source materials and formats, is also possible.

Together we will clarify the following points with you:

  • Target groups
  • Learning locations & Application scenarios
  • Teaching objectives
  • Methodological-didactic concept
  • Media-didactic presentations
  • Technological solution (as html5, Scorm, App,...)

What are the options for web learning content?

Standard content

  • State-of-Art
  • Researched by us

We take care of the entire process from purchasing to technical implementation.


  • Together we develop your content
  • Benefit from our experience

The creation of content is divided according to subject area.

In-house production

  • Customised to your needs
  • Developed by the expert

We produce your individual content on request.

Pedagogical claim

The production of learning modules follows the logic of a methodical-didactical appropriateness to the target group, the learning objective and the learning content. After the concept and objectives of the learning medium have been determined, the learning requirements, learning objectives, learning content, media presentation and dramaturgy are defined.

In this way, depending on the competence of the target group, the proportion of external and self-directed elements can be determined to support the individual learning processes. The type of media presentation, such as text, image, sound, video or animation, depends on the type of knowledge to be conveyed. A wide variety of emphases can be set here, such as orientation knowledge, theoretical knowledge, practical actions, etc.

Technological claim

Depending on the methodological-didactic objective and taking into account the production effort, we choose suitable production processes. The production can be done with well-known authoring programmes or in individual programming.

We have extensive experience in researching, selecting and using authoring programmes for learning module production, including Adobe Captivate, Rapid Factory, LibreOffice+Elaix. The places where online learning modules can be used are no longer subject to spatial and technical limits. Whether stationary or mobile, there are now device-independent solutions that work in all locations.

Product examples

Video animation INNav

Video animation for INNav - the navigation aid for the INQA company check of the "good SME" initiative

Innav Förderer

DGZfP training module

SCORM learning module for the German Society for Non-destructive Testing (DGZfP)

Learning modules for the ultrasonic testing procedure have been developed on behalf of Rieder-Kommunikation.

Click here to go to the demo version.

Beispielbild DGZfP UT1 Lernmodul

Course Design E-Learning

This is a course adaptation for the Learning platform ILIAS.

Orientation for self-organised learning: in terms of time, content and learning formats

Kursdesign Ilias

From the desktop application to the web application

Easy conversion from CBT (Computer Based Training) to WBT (Web based Training)

You have already produced learning media in the past? We can help you digitise your CD-Rom and convert it into a modern web format. Whether as web-based training, web seminar or web application, we skilfully present your content in an online version. This means that the learning medium is no longer just stationary, but available at any time and from anywhere.