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Seminar Management

Manage and organise complex processes in a simple, individual and goal-oriented way.

Innovative and simple seminar management

We want to find the best solution for your company through analysis, customisation and individual implementation. We design a simple and efficient administration and give you the right tools to communicate with your participants. This way you can manage your offers effortlessly and offer them online. With our seminar management systems, you always keep an overview.

Designing sustainable workflows

With the „Seminarverwaltung" you can organise learning and teaching events digitally.

  • Save time with automated processes
  • Simple planning, faster organisation
  • Flexible application possibilities
Vorteile Seminarverwaltung

Your advantages at a glance - The seminar management features

Our powerful seminar administrations come in the form of a web application. By storing it in the cloud, you can access it at any time. The seminar management is particularly functional and runs like a desktop application. A user-friendly interface makes it particularly intuitive and easy to use.

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    Employee management

    Overview of all employees, dynamic search, sorting function, connection to SAP interface (daily synchronisation of employees), detailed view of employees with data fields

  • Appointment management

    Overview of all appointments of a seminar, creation, editing, deletion and cloning of appointments

  • Document generation

    Participant certificates, participant list, print layout for all views - it can be printed directly from the browser

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    Seminar administration

    Overview of all seminars, dynamic search, sorting function, detailed view for creating, editing, deleting and cloning seminars

  • Megaphone icon lightblue
    Notification services

    Create reminder for ML/ speakers, invitations, cancellations

  • Eye icon green
    Overview - Information Centre for Human Resources Development

    Task-oriented view for PE, dynamic search, filter function, sort function

  • Archiv icon blue
    Catalogue - Employee Information Centre

    Overview of all relevant seminars, dynamic search, filter function, sort function, detailed view of seminar

  • Chart icon green
    Global functions

    Search in all data, print function, subscribe to calendar

  • Chart line icon blue

    All data can be statistically evaluated. Flexible data evaluations with any combinations are possible and are immediately displayed graphically.

  • Hand icon green
    UI comfort functions

    Date Picker, Email Address Picker and Search, Appointment Workload Graph (large, small), Appointment Timeline Graph

  • Search icon blau
    Search engine

    Context-sensitive search in the masks, central, global search on all pages, search extremely flexible and customisable, all searches are "instant".

  • Netzwerk-Icon
    Management / Administration

    List of speakers, venues, target groups and competences (expandable), seminar types, status, region, market, mailing lists and product groups (expandable), templates (editable)

  • Mail System

    Function for sending e-mails, e-mail generation for various business processes

  • List icon green
    Document box

    List of participants, seminar evaluation sheet

Case study 1:
Seminar management for
Globus Fachmärkte GmbH

Globus Baumarkt Logo

For Globus Fachmärkte GmbH, we developed a seminar management system for the internal training of employees. The seminar administration is designed as a web application and replaces an outdated standard software.

Seminarverwaltung für Globus Fachmarkt

We realised great improvements in the area of user experience, so that the web application was quickly adapted by the employees and is gladly used.

The range of functions has also been increased and now enables staff to work more productively with the software.