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About us

"We want to enable everyone to impart their knowledge professionally on the web."

Continuity and change in harmony

Minervis GmbH was founded in 2015 as a German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence Spin-Off. For more than 20 years, the founding team has been implementing national and international e-learning projects with intelligent education and learning technologies. Benefit from our experience for your digitisation and qualification projects.

Professional means...

  • Methodically and didactically appropriate
  • Technically reliable and open to the future

We rely predominantly on open software solutions (open-source) and attach importance to technological standards and their development potential (investment and future security).

Profit from professionals

We assess your teaching needs methodically and didactically in relation to your objectives and economic costs and according to your available resources. On the basis of operational learning objectives, we create planning variants for the organisation of learning and media representations appropriate to the content.

We are only satisfied when you agree with our performance.

Customised solutions - State of Art!

We analyse your needs, design solutions and implement them according to your wishes!

Our focus is on web-based, future-oriented and sustainable software developments. Here you also benefit from our many years of expertise in the field of educational technologies, knowledge management, information retrieval and artificial intelligence.  

  • We do not lose sight of the human being at the centre of things
  • Because it is not the technology, but your scenarios and the right didactic use that play the essential role
  • We want to give everyone a chance in the digital world

Processes and software usability didactically grounded

Our methodological-pedagogical concepts at micro-, meso- and macrodidactic level support you holistically from the very beginning.

  • Work-Flow and Process Analysis
  • E-learning
  • Blended learning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Learning guidance
  • Learning, course and participant organisation
  • Administration, incl. business plan, learning centres and education marketplace

In times of digitalisation 2.0 and industrialisation 4.0, well-trained and educated employees are increasingly in demand. Help shape the future and take advantage of our offers for the digitalisation of your company.

Our Company, Our History, Our Vision

Our core team consists of people with experience in pedagogy, computer science, artificial intelligence, information retrival, web design and education.

We were founded in 2015, but as a spin-off from the DFKI, we have been successfully developing and implementing IT- and AI-based education and learning projects for over 15 years.

Our low-threshold concepts without acquisition and investment costs enable you to achieve quality increases and effort reductions with online learning services.

In this way, we create real added value for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Profile of the management

  • Alexander Löhr

    Alexander Löhr

    EDP businessman and media designer

    As co-founder of Karsch-Media, he has been developing high-quality content for over 12 years, also for TV. He knows the current tools and is always ready for expedient, unconventional solutions.

  • Timo Scheuer

    Timo Scheuer

    Diplom computer scientist
    Active in research and development since 1998

    He has extensive experience from more than 20 national and pan-European industry and funding projects covering a wide range of topics. These include the following main topics: Semantic Web, Knowledge Management, Ontologies, Multiagent Systems, Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, Machine Learning, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Web Applications, Web Services, SOA, Cloud Architectures, Databases, Object Orientation, Multiple Languages and Development Methods, Mobile Devices. He is also head of server infrastructure management at Saarland University.

  • Andre Günther

    Andre Günther


    He has been developing e-learning projects for 16 years. His commercial training helps him to integrate methodology, didactics and technology into operational and organisational processes. Linking economic goals with pedagogical challenges is his core area.

A profile of the employees

  • Jephte Abijuru

    Miri Yusifli

    Software developer

    Jephte Abijuru's responsibilities include software development and enhancements with a special focus on the further development of the ILIAS learning platform. He is responsible for the development and implementation of new plug-ins, as well as the maintenance of existing plug-ins and bugfixing of community plug-ins. He also takes care of the maintenance of web servers and provides technical support.

  • Munshi Arif Rashid

    Munshi Arif Rashid

    System and network expert

    Munshi Arif Rashid works as a system administrator at Minervis. His responsibilities include ensuring the secure and trouble-free operation of various services. He also manages Linux-based servers and the ILIAS learning management system. As an MBA graduate, he will increasingly focus on the international market. He also takes care of troubleshooting, analysing and processing incoming requests, as well as configuring and installing new components. His responsibilities also include performing quality assurance measures, IT documentation and managing AWS cloud services.

  • Julia Rohe

    Julia Rohe

    Marketing and Accounting

    Julia Rohe is responsible for duties of marketing and accounting at Minervis. Over the years she has acquired expertise in various areas including content management systems, shop systems, office tasks, marketing and graphic design. She understands how to use these know-how cross-medially. As a convinced allrounder, her heart beats for the diversity that she has sought for and found at Minervis.

  • Saiful Islam Bhuiyan

    Saiful Islam

    System administrator

    Saiful Islam Bhuiyan works as an assistant systems administrator at Minervis. His responsibilities include maintaining the smooth operation and security of various system services, maintaining the office's internal mail server and troubleshooting any issues that arise. In addition, analyzes and processes incoming requests, ensures the efficiency of the IT infrastructure, monitors system performance and troubleshoots problems, updating and configuring systems and IT documentation.

  • Satyam Mangroliya

    Satyam Mangroliya

    Junior software developer

    Satyam Mangroliya's main tasks include software development and improvement, with special attention to the further development of the ILIAS learning platform. He is responsible for creating and integrating new designs of web pages into the ILIAS platform as well as maintaining current add-ons and resolving issues.

Range of services: Successful training and further education through e-learning

We offer simple measures to increase the quality of teaching and learning.

Implementing e-learning as self-learning phases
Hosting learning platform (LMS)
virtual seminar rooms
promotional modules
Preparation and homogenisation of face-to-face seminars
Online product explanations multimodal and interactive
Creation of learning materials WBT and CBT
Learning software, video production, simulations, software development
Coaching and training